A Ronnie’s All American Favorite
($28.95/Guest  |  35 - 59 Guests | Grilling time: 2 hours)
($26.95/Guest  |  60 - 120 Guests | Grilling time: 3 hours)
($24.50/Guest  |  121+ Guests | Grilling time: 4 hours)

*Price Per Guest Does NOT Include the full service or tax

Delicious Char-Broiled Hamburgers
Cheeseburgers, Thick with Cheese
Veggie Burgers (Available Upon Request, for add'l charge)
Grilled All-Beef Hotdogs
Fresh New Jersey Corn on the Cob (when in season)
Real Boardwalk Style Italian Sausage & Peppers - A Martoccia family secret
BBQ Pork St. Louie Ribs, 45 years of perfection!
BBQ Chicken Pieces, seasoned with a special family recipe
Delicious Sliced Watermelon (when in season)

Choice of Three Home-Made Salads:
Macaroni Salad * Cole Slaw * Pasta Salad * Deli Potato Salad * Tossed Salad w/ Dressings * Baked Beans * Roasted Potatoes * Grilled Veggies

Full Fixin Bar:
Lettuce * Pickles * Onions * Tomatoes

Ketchup * Mustard * Relish * Salt & Pepper * Butter

Disposable Place Settings
Plates * Utensils * Napkins



*Note: We can not guarantee that anything is 100% gluten free, or free of certain allergies.

*Veggie Burgers are available upon request with any package, for add'l charge.
Request must be made at time of quote/order.

Please note: You may choose "No Frills" or "Full Service" for your event. With "Full Service",  you just sit back and let us do all the work!

Menu prices on this website reflect "No Frills" events. There will be a surcharge on all "Full Service" events.

All "Full Service" events include:
Serving trays w/Pans & Sternos, 10x10 Tent to Cover Food, Grills, Cooking Equipment, all Serving Equipment and Serving Utensils, Serving Tables with Red and White Checkered linens.
It also includes a staff of Ronnie’s employees, who cook and serve your event buffet style.

Prices subject to change at any time. Not responsible for typographical errors.