The holidays are a hectic time for everyone, regardless of how prepared they seem to be. Something always pops up, whether it be an uninvited guest or last-minute celebration. If you are hosting guests this year, take comfort in knowing that your guests will have fun and will appreciate your effort.
 Taking some time now to consider ways to make your guests more comfortable and you more relaxed. Here are some clever ways to do just that:

  • Experience your home the way your guests would. Spend some quiet time in each room and reflect on what your impression would be if you were the guest. You may just discover untapped potential in your home, or you may find needed repairs that you may not have noticed before.

  • Check on any dietary restrictions now. Consider ordering a few options for vegetarians and others with food allergies when designing your menu.

  • Stock up on disposable ear buds and other amenities now, before stores become too crowded and hectic.

  • Buy a few different types of pillows; give your guests the option of firm or soft to make them feel at ease.

  • Gather any magazines or reading materials that you might have, put them in a basket in your guest room. Providing your guests with reading materials is not only thoughtful, it gives them something to do if they can't fall asleep.
  • Raid thrift stores for board games and movies.

You don't have to spend slot of money to provide your guests with entertainment!

Fun Ways to Address Unique Summer Wedding Issues

When people think of summer, they think of two things. They think of vacations, and even more so, they think of beautiful weddings. With longer nights and weather conducive to outdoor events, it is no wonder that the summer is the most popular “wedding season”. If you are planning a summer wedding, it is a good idea to have unique ideas to keep your guest refreshed and entertained throughout the day.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide guest with a colorful display of sunglasses.
  • Use pieces of fruit for place cards. It is both cheap and refreshing.
  • Have an Italian Ice station or an Ice Cream Sundae bar.
  • Provide lots of water bottles with customized labels that have fun messages.
  • Set up a tent area for shade.
  • For a fun adult snack, try alcohol-infused popsicles.
  • Place customized mosquito repellant on the table as favors.
  • Use cement blocks in the grass for your bridesmaids to stand on, so that their heels don’t sink.

BBQ Catering adds to Summer Fun


The Summer is coming upon us, and even if you aren’t in school and allowed a three month vacation, you can’t help but get excited as those daylight hours begin to grow longer and longer. Here are a few things that make the summer months so great, and full of memory making moments.

1)     Picnics

There is something special about laying down a blanket, and enjoying fun food with the people you care about. No matter the size, and how many people are involved, the simple notion of an outside picnic brings your mind to a simpler time. Whether it is a company picnic, or just simply a family outing, the food just seems to taste better with the breeze rolling around you. Even if your weeks are too busy to worry about preparing the food for the picnic event, there are companies that could prepare the food for you, so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the fresh air and company.


2)     Baseball

Baseball will forever be known as the national pastime. There is history in baseball, and you can’t help but feel a part of that history while you are watching your favorite team. With the amount of games played during the season, it is nice to know that you can enjoy a game almost every day of the week. Some people get season tickets, some like to watch it on their TVs, and some like to throw parties to help honor their team. When having a nice baseball party, it is nice to know that you can have food made for you so that nothing gets between you and the game.


3)     Cookouts

It is no surprise that most families choose to hold their reunions during the warmer months. You can be at an outside venue where people can have enough space to move, but also be together. You can start in the morning, and celebrate through the entire night without worrying about the temperatures being too cold. No matter the size of the family, you can feel good about the fact that you can have you cookout or family reunion catered, so you can focus on your family and guest.


The summer can be a great season filled with many memories. It is important to cherish those memories, and not allow things like food preparation get in the way of creating those memories. When you contact Ronnie's Catering and BBQ, we can make sure that you can enjoy the company of your friends and family, while we enjoy making you the best food for your occasion.   

Four Things to Remember When Planning a Football Party

There is nothing like getting together and enjoying the game. Whether you are a Jets fan, or a Giants fan, nothing brings you more joy than giving your team your all on Sunday. If it is an important game, or just any given Sunday, having people over for the game is instilled in both tradition and bonds. When you have people over for the next game, just keep these four things in mind:

1. Keep it Fun: Whether your team wins or loses, it is most important that you continue to keep it fun. When people leave your home, you want them to remember the great time that they had. You don’t want them telling stories of how you raged out, and punched a hole in your wall. Remember, watching your team with your friends isn’t always about who wins and who loses, it is about the fun you have during the time you are spending together.

2. Keep it Casual: Watching the game is not a black-tie affair, and it shouldn’t be treated as one. If someone takes off their shoes in your living room, so be it. If someone wants to paint their face to watch the game on tv, so be it. Relax, and kick back in that great jersey you wear every Sunday. Get enough comfort foods for everyone, and enjoy the game.

3. It’s More Than Just the Game: Do you remember the score of the game on the third week of the season five years ago? Do you remember the first time you had people over for the game, and the memories you built? Do you remember the score of that game? Maybe you do. Most do not. Having people over for the game is more than just watching the game. It is about being with your true friends and family, and building bonds that most people who don’t watch sports would ever understand.

4. Food is Important: You want to make sure you have the right food, and enough of it. You don’t want to buy a bag of skittles, put it in a bowl, and call it a day. You also don’t want to have to send someone out to grab more food. Be prepared, so that everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about what they are going to eat.

When it comes to most of these thing, they all come down on you. When it comes to the food, that is something that you don’t have to worry about. With Ronnie's Catering and BBQ, you can sit back and let the professionals take care of it. You won’t want to miss out on their great packages like:

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